How to Film 3D video with GoPro black hero 5 and edit in Adobe Premiere Pro


Importing video into Premere

Assembly > Media Browser>

chose file on hard drive to import.  Right click and choose import.

Project: projectname> Right Click choose Modify>Interpret Footage…>  VR Properties >Conform to: >Equirectangular > Stereoscopic -Side by Side

right click > open in source monitor / or click and drag over

In Source Monitor right click Video >VR Video > Setting > and set Stereoscopic View: Right

Stereoscopic – Side by Side

When right clicking on video in source monitor and VR video is grayed out this the solution I found.

The solution I found was that I had to right click on the clip, before putting it on the timeline, then select “Modify” then “Interpret Footage”. Once on this screen go down to the bottom to “VR Properties” click on “Conform to:” Set “Projection: Equirectangular” then “Layout: Monoscopic” “Horizontal Captured View: 360” and “Verticle: 180” Even though Premiere said that my clips were 360 for some reason I had to go through and manually do this. Once done for each clip you should be able to create a sequence from a clip and then click the VR button and be good to go and just start dropping your interpreted clips in.

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